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The Transylvanian town of Rosia Montana has been at the centre of a long-running debate in Romania, as politicians consider whether to give the green light to a large opencast gold mine in the region.

Additional photos via PhotoBlog. Colors of Targu Mures Colors of Targu Mures. Târgu-Mureş is a city in Transylvania. Targ mean “market” in Romanian. The city was first documented in 1332.

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Introducing Top Notch Faceting

And More.

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Beneath Canada’s mines in Latin America lies an unregulated industry.

Canada is seen as a friendly nation but many indigenous communities say they have a dirty secret. Canada’s mining industry, the largest in the world, controls a majority of Latin American mining. Activists say they pollute and violate human rights without accountability from the Canadian government. Mining companies argue they build schools, health centres, roads and provide jobs.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to Meera Karunananthan (@meerakar) from the Council of Canadians and John McKay (@johnmckaylib), Canadian Member of Parliament. Members of The Stream community also join via Google+.

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Kaleidoscope Gem Identification

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